Wally Warbles is a bird boss that can be found in Carniville in the level Aviary Action. He is also fought in an airplane level.

Summary Edit

At the beginning of the battle, Wally acts like a coo-coo clock. His move set consists of spitting eggs at the player, which sends egg shards toward the player after they hit the back edge of the screen, shooting large bullets at the player, and sending a barrage of feathers at the player. He also has little bird friends that fly on the top and bottom of the screen. Once he has taking enough damage, he falls out of his hous, and the player has to fight a baby version of Wally. This new form has spiked eggs uses for a shield. He also shoots a pink ball that can be parried. Once the baby version of him has been defeated, the original Wally returns in a strecher carried by two smaller birds. The smaller birds shoot pills at the player. Sometimes, Wally's heart jumps out of his body. During this time, only Wally's heart is able to be attacked. Once defeated, Wally dies, and the two smaller birds start to sprinkle salt and pepper on him.

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