• TerminatorEggggg8390

    Boss Rankings

    November 5, 2017 by TerminatorEggggg8390

    Here is my boss ranks, this may include separate characters:

    1st: Wally Warbles
    Actually, I like Wally Warbles because the music of his level has became my favorite. This includes his son. 2nd: Grim Matchstick
    I like Grim's design and seems easy to me, althrough I don't like his level music, he is my second favorite character.

    3rd: Dr. Kahl's Robot
    Althrough I don't like Dr. Kahl, I like his robot and seems so hard to me, so he is my third favorite character. 4th: Cagney Carnation
    I only like his phase 1 appearance, his second phase appearance is what I hate, so he places fourth.

    5th: Weepy
    I feel bad for him and is so cute and that is why I give his chance to be on my 6 honorable mentions. 6th: Captain Brineybeard
    I like his ship in normal state and his de…

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