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  • TerminatorEggggg8390

    Today I think I will do a poll of the images, I think some images need replacement, that is why I added this poll.

    I'm thinking of adding a better image to this photo, here is my sprite & Teetheyhatty's sprite. My sprite lacks shadows near Wally's face, it was a bit hard to remove those.

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  • TerminatorEggggg8390

    I made this blog because I wanted to add sprites for other characters like mini bosses and enemies, so I made those:

    Sorry if those are few sprites, but at least I made them. I'm planning a poll of images on other blog.

    • The Devil's Goat Attack Sprite was the hardest out of his attack sprites.
    • The Devil's Spider Attack Sprite was the easiest out of his attack sprites.
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  • TerminatorEggggg8390

    Hi guys, I made this blog for some ideas of bosses for a possible or future sequel to Cuphead, comment your own bosses on comments, you can add images of your OC bosses or ideas. Here are mine:

    • Goopy l'âme (French Meaning: Goopy the Soul): The return of Goopy Le Grande, this time as a soul, coming back for revenge of the brothers to leave him being crushed by his destroyed tombstone. When defeated, Goopy comes back to life, and becomes friends with the mug brothers. In his first phase, he attacks like Goopy, but now he can spit out ghostly blueberries. In his second phase, he transforms in the forms of Goopy's original form. In his third phase, he becomes a giant ghost, taking the right half of the screen.
    • Demon Bat (also known as M. Fang): A c…
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  • TerminatorEggggg8390

    Boss Rankings

    November 5, 2017 by TerminatorEggggg8390

    Here are the boss rankings, note that you might not prefer my opinion on some characters, but please, respect it. As I have saw other people having their favorite characters, well, I wanted to do something different with my favorite & least likeable characters. It also includes the Casino bosses. Here are my opinions:

    Place Name Image Opinion
    (Winner) Werner Werman
    Werner has shades of brown, one of my favorite colors on my list, and I also like his design, including the Cat's. So he becomes the Winner of my character opinion list.
    (Runner-Up) Wally Warbles
    The runner-up is here, I also like his design & used to be Number #1, but I liked Werner more than him.
    (Finalist) Grim Matchstick
    Should there be a name for 3rd place? We…

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