Welcome to I Wanna be the Cuphead: Just Deal with the Dancing Devil!

This is like Cuphead, but combined with IWBTG and BATIM, with a whole lot of crossovers!

Also, RaG levels aren't available for now.

Levels marked with an asterisk (*) are shmup bosses.

Playable Characters


The Kid

Bendy (can be unlocked by beating him in The Dancing Devil)

Mugman (can be unlocked by completing Normal Mode)

BubBub (can be bought from the Store of Secrets)

Nessy (can be bought from the Store of Secrets)

Four (can be unlocked by beating him in The Battle for BFDI)

TSRI2 (can be unlocked by defeating TSRITW IRL)

Normal Mode

Starting Cutscene

Chapter One: The "Cliché" Grassy Plains

The Root Pack in Botanic Panic

Goopy la Grande in Ruse of an Ooze

Ribby and Croaks in Clip Joint Calamity

Cagney Carnation in Floral Fury

Hilda Berg in Threatenin' Zeppelin*

In-Between Chapter One Point Five

Bendy in The Dancing Demon

Chapter Two: The Carnival of Chaos

Baroness von Bon Bon in Sugarland Shimmy

Djimmi the Great in Pyramid Peril*

Grim Matchstick in Fiery Frolic

Wally Warbles in Aviary Action*

Beppi the Clown in Carnival Kerfuffle

In-Between Chapter Two Point Five

Loomy in Illuminanan Confirmed!

Chapter Three: How Did This Happen?

Rumor Honeybottoms in Honeycomb Herald

Werner Werman in Murine Corps

Dr. Kahl in Junkyard Jive*

Captain Brineybeard in Shootin' and Lootin'

Cala Maria in High Seas Hi-Jinx*

Sally Stageplay in Dramatic Fanatic

The Phantom Express in Railroad Wrath

In-Between Chapter Three Point Five

Sketchbook in Get Creative!

Chapter Four: The Devil's Casino

King Dice in All Bets are Off!

The Devil in One Hell of a Time

Ending Cutscene

Plot Twist Mode

Starting Cutscene

Chapter I: Not What It Seems

Starch-Lord in Starch Wars

The Tomb Trio in Grave Danger

Grass Knuckles and The Smash in Can't See Me

The Flowerpuff Girls in Bloom and Doom

Meester and Midnight in Books on a Blimp*

Chapter II: Carny Catastrophe

Impfinity in Candy Witch Imp Saga

The Great Zucchini in Presto Change-o!*

Captain Combustible in It Burns Burns Burns!

Tony the Talking Clock in A Journey through Time*

Beppi 2.0 in Carnival Kerfuffle Again

Chapter III: Doomageddon

Shrignold in Pesky Bee!

Cat Army in Crash Arena Turbo Stars

Dr. Undergear in Nuts and Bolts!*

Captains Deadbeard and Flameface in Pirate's Unlife for Me!

Neptuna in Mirrored Match*

Sally Stageplay 2.0 in Dramatic Fanatic: The Sequel

Asdf Express in I Like Trains!

Chapter IV: TSRITW User Page

Plucky Clover in Feelin' Plucky, Punk?

TSRITW in Quadrilateral Catastrophe

Chapter V: Boss Blitz

Porkrind in Potion Power!

Pepperus Piggy in Epic Yarn

Lincoln Loud in One House with Eleven Kids

RubRub in The Entire Alphabet

Four in The Battle for BFDI


Ending Cutscene

PT Bosses Files


Porkrind's Emporium

RubRub's Warehouse of Weaponry

Pepperus Piggy: Costume Creator

The Store of Secrets (owner: TSRITW IRL)