Create your own cuphead boss in the comments! Here are the rules: NO Mary Sues/Gary stus NO disgusting ocs, AKA Characters with huge boobs or something. Please don't insult others ocs That's all the rules

Oh, one more thing, PLEASE rates people's bosses, like a 10/10 or something

Here is mine: Dootsie is a dingo who has golden fur and blue eyes, she has a white bow tie and a purple tutu on her body along with black sleeves on her front legs, she has a bushy tail with an orange tip at the top.

Dootsie sold her soul to become the cutest coyote in the desert, unfortunately, she only became half as cute as she even expected (I know this is short, but i couldn't think of any, also I edited it because I thought it was CRINGE)

Also this is on a plane with the background being a desert. NAME: Desert Desserts! Intro: Dootsie rises from the sand and happily calls for the player. Phase 1: A little dingo who attacks with her tail by making it huge and swiping across the screen, there is a small space at the tip of her tale which allows the player to escape her tail; she spits out bones, while one can be parried, her final attack of this phase is trying to bite the player.

DEATH MESSAGE: I'm in my first form and you are in my storm!

Phase 2: After taking enough damage, dootsie will call for her sand worms and the worms rise and wrap around her, her sand worms attack for her. the sand worms will attack by trying to wrap around the player or spitting sand bullets with one big one and the bullet exploding while one can be parried.

DEATH MESSAGE: You lost to my worms and their only in first term!

Phase 3: after taking enough damage, dootsie will transform into a jackal while the worms slip away, she is huge, filling up half of the screen, she has very spiky fur and her clothing items being shredded and ripped, She will grab a tizona made of sandstone and swoop it at the player, her other attacks are spitting teeth at the player or throwing ocelots at the player. once she is defeated, she will groan and look at herself in sorrow.

DEARH MESSAGE: Your in pain! You should use your brain!