Here's some voice actors that would voice act for Cuphead.

Cuphead - Billy West

Mugman - Scott Menville

Elder Kettle - Jeff Bennett

Legendary Chalice - Mae Whitman

The Devil - Clancy Brown

King Dice - Rob Paulsen

Psycarrot - Jeff Bennett

Moe Tato - Patton Oswalt

Weepy - Dee Bradley Baker

Goopy Le Grande - Rob Paulsen

Hilda Berg - Jennifer Hale

Cagney Carnation - Grey Griffin (Unfortunately, he is a male character with a feminine voice)

Baroness Von Bon Bon - Kimberly Brooks

Ribby - Patrick Warburton

Croaks - Sean Astin

Rumor Honeybottoms - Candi Milo

Beppi the Clown - "Weird Al" Yankovic

Wally Warbles - Rob Paulsen

Grim Matchstick - Jess Harnell

Cala Maria - Hynden Walch

Dr. Kahl's Robot - Nolan North

Dr. Kahl - Tom Kenny

Werner Werman - Rob Paulsen

Djimmi the Great - Jim Cummings

Sally Stageplay - Grey Griffin

Captain Brineybeard - Brian Doyle-Murray

Blind Specter - Rob Paulsen

T-Bone - Steve Blum

Blaze Brothers - Eric Bauza

Head of a Train - Fred Tatasciore

Martini Glass - Tara Strong

Whiskey Bottle - Rob Paulsen

Rum Glass - John DiMaggio

Mangosteen - Billy West

Mr. Wheezy - Daran Norris

Pirouletta - Scarlett Johanson

Phear Lap - Dee Bradley Baker

Pip - Greg Cipes

Dot - Tara Strong

Hopcus Pocus - Daran Norris

Chips Bettigan - Bumper Robinson

Mr. Chimes - Dee Bradley Baker

Porkrind - Kevin Michael Richardson

So, there you have it. These voice actors for Cuphead could be awesome!