Tuba is one of the enemies found in the Run 'n Gun level Funhouse Frazzle of Inkwell Isle Two.


He is a giant anthropomorphic tuba with light vinyl colors of orange, yellow, and aqua-green. He has an orange nose, a yellow tongue, and a mustache.


Found in the third section of the Funhouse Frazzle level, these tubas will appear at either the top or below of the screen, then inhales before blowing out a physical "BWAAAAA!!!" onomatopoeia from their horn for a damage.

Upon defeated, the tuba will sink down out of the screen while coughing.


Upon encountering, if the tuba inhales as he's about to shoot, quickly parry the nearest pink card to swap floors for early dodging.


  • There are only 3 tubas in the game so far.
  • The sentient tuba may have been inspired by the tuba prince or tuba king of the Isle of Jazz from the 1935 Silly Symphony Music Land as well as the lead character from the 1947 Puppetoons short Tubby the Tuba by stop-motion pioneer George Pal.


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