Timber Valley is the grassy first world in Cuphead. It lies north of Yoho Harbor, east to Animal Kingdom and Carniville, and northeast of Toy Maze and Hellish Road. It is a forest world with various trees. This world has ten levels, with a demo tutorial, 4 platforming levels, 4 sample boss levels, a complete boss level, and a spot where the player can buy upgrades and Pork Rind's One Stop Shop. The boss of this world is Surf Mama.


Level Name Preview Description
Demo tutorial
Home Sweet Home A tutorial level on how to play Cuphead.
Platforming levels
Woodland Walk The first level of the game.
Tricky Thicket A level taking place at night.
Forest Frolic
Backwoods Crusade
Sample boss levels
Botanic Panic A sample boss level where Moe Tato, Weepy, and Psycarrot are fought.
Ruse of an Ooze A sample boss level where Oozey Oozebourne is fought.
A Threatenin' Zeppelin A sample boss level where Hilda Borg is fought.
Floral Fury Kabloom intro A sample boss level where Cagney Carnation is fought.
Complete boss level
High Seas Hijinx Surf Mama A complete boss level where Surf Mama fought.

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