Surf Mama

Surf Mama in the E3 2015 trailer

“You should go fly fishing!”
Surf Mama, Death screen

Surf Mama is the complete boss of Timber Valley, fought in High Seas Hijinx, an airplane level that takes place over the sea. It's highly probable that this battle will be taken just after the ship battles, as seen that in those kind of levels, many bosses will be present. She is the first boss of the game.

Summary Edit

Before the battle, a submarine's periscope is seen until Surf Mama's serpentine, tentacle-like hairs pick up the submarine and toss it backwards, whilst four electric eels show up. After shooting her a lot of times, the eels leave and she turns gorgeous. Eventually, when the player deals half enough damage to Surf Mama, she muscles herself up, going to phase 3. Upon defeat, she falls into the water and gives a thumbs up, similar to the T-800 when being melted down in Terminator 2: Judgement Day, and Cuphead and Mugman can access the next world.


On each phase, she has two attacks.

Phase 1Edit

Eel StunnersEdit

Surf Mama E3 2017

Eel Stunners.

She can have the eels spit small, electric bits at Cuphead or Mugman, constantly stunning them.

Flash BiteEdit

Surf Mama can use her eyes as a flashlight to shine what direction the serpentine, tentacle-like hairs can stretch to.

Phase 2Edit

Mine TossEdit

She can toss explosive mines at Cuphead or Mugman.

Seagull AttackEdit

Surf Mama Seagull Call

Surf Mama before the seagulls show up.

Surf Mama can hire some seagulls to shred on Cuphead or Mugman.

Phase 3Edit

Thunder ClapEdit

She can clap her hands up in the air for lightning to strike Cuphead or Mugman.


Surf Mama can swing her arm and punch Cuphead or Mugman.

Trivia Edit

  • Surf Mama was first teased at the E3 2015 trailer. Since then, no gameplay of the boss battle was shown, it is just a .gif where we can see the creation process of her idle animation.
  • In the E3 2015 demo, the music for Botanic Panic was the same as Surf Mama's battle music in the final version.

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