Sugarland Shimmy is a level on Inkwell Isle Two, where the fight with Baroness Von Bon Bon takes place. It is represented on the map by a muffin-shaped building. This is one of the three initially available levels on the isle along with Pyramid Peril and Carnival Kerfuffle.

The level is set on a city, with both the buildings and vegetation in the background being made of candy. The Baroness's castle stays constantly on the right, from where she sends her minions from. Once you reach the final phase of the fight the castle will start moving, chasing the player down the street.



  • During Phase 4, parry the peppermint to gain more cards for the EX-Move

Platforming Precision

  • Precise Parrying

Useful Weapons

  • Spread - Gumball Machine, Waffle
  • Roundabout - Jawbreaker, Cupcake, Candy Corn, Waffle, Phase 4
  • Chaser - Candy Corn, Jawbreaker, Waffle

Mini Bosses

The mini bosses in this level is the Candy Corn, Waffle, Jawbreaker, and the Gumball Machine. In the Regular mode, you will also encounter Cupcake.

You will mostly run from the Jawbreaker and Candy Corn, so use your Roundabout, or Chaser. These two test your movements. For the Jawbreaker try to move in circle with the given platform. When you get any trouble, dash into the middle of it and its tail buddy and then dash again to go out if you have Smoke Bomb equipped. For the Candy Corn, dash or jump through it when it gets close to you, and stay away from it while it's airborne.

For the Gumball Machine, try to get close to it and use your Spread weapon. This is actually the easiest of the phases, so do not panic. Focus on the balls, which will then fall straight down from the airborne state, and dodge left and right.

Use Chaser and Spread to get Waffle. Try to keep distance from it as much as possible, but do not get too close to the castle as the jellybeans will damage you. In case it gets too close, expect its disassembling to find a way to dodge.

The Cupcake is the hardest one. Dash through it when it is about to land near you and when it's on the left side, jump up the platform to avoid the jellybean warriors. Beware its splash damage also. Note that you need to dash away quickly before its third bounce instead of sitting there waiting for it to land, as its skill of bouncing from walls is more powerful than Goopy Le Grande.

Note that you can parry some of the jellybeans and the pink cotton candy that she shoots in Phase 3. You can also shoot the jellybeans while crouching for your own sake.

Phase 4

Phase 4 has Baroness Von Bon Bon order her castle to chase after Cuphead, she throws her head over to the player while it happens. During this, peppermints will roll out from the castle, which can be parried. Parrying peppermints would increase the cards to use your super art.

During this, use the platform to your advantage to dodge the head and parry the pink peppermint to fill up your super meter and to dodge the head.

After dealing enough damage, Baroness Von Bon Bon is defeated and she cries while her castle pounds it's fists on the ground. Note that you can only actually damage her by shooting her head, so it is best to use the Chaser for this phase.

However, this phase is not available in Simple Mode, since Baroness Von Bon Bon would just cry instead of ordering her Castle.


Cuphead OST - Sugarland Shimmy -Music-03:40

Cuphead OST - Sugarland Shimmy -Music-

Music While fighting in this level

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