a Soul Contract is the main thing Cuphead and Mugman are collecting in their quest to keep their souls.


In the intro, Cuphead and Mugman are forced to collect soul contracts of The Devil's runaway Debtors.

When a boss is defeated on Regular or Expert difficulty instead of Simple, the player(s) will recieve a soul contract.

When a player enters The Die House, one of 2 things will happen based on soul contracts.

  • If the player has missed a soul contract or multiple than King Dice will kick Cuphead and Mugman out of the die house and tell them to get the missing soul contracts.
  • If the player has all soul contracts for that isle, King Dice will let them through to the next isle.

At the end of the game, The Devil will ask about the contracts.

  • If you give them to him, you will get the Bad Ending.
  • If you don't give them to him, you will fight the devil and if you win, you will get the Good Ending.

In the good ending, Cuphead and Mugman are shown destroying the soul contracts.


  • There is an unused scene of Werner Werman defeated and giving Cuphead a soul contract.

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