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Radish is an unused boss in Cuphead.

Radish would've been part of The Root Pack. Their behavior code suggested they would be triggered by Weepy's emotional state. If Weepy was grinning, (event OnHappyLeave triggered), he would appear as normal before retreating, causing the radish to pop out from the area Weepy left and fight the player in his place. He has a coded hitpoints of 250.


  • The Radish has one attack, immediately after popping out of the ground with an angry look, he would start spinning like a top, and chase the player.

When defeated, he will be dazed and stay in one place, with his leaves spinning around, eventually popping into radish slices.



  • It is possible for players to reuse his code, so that he can be battled. However, the "Bashful Weepy" script was, as of now, never found.
  • The sprite sheet for Radish is very complete, the developers might have scrapped the boss very late in the development of the game, but the reason is unknown.
    • The reason might be due to the randomness of Weepy's action, giving chance of a drastically different outcome in the first few bosses might be unfair to new players as it is hard to adapt changes when the game just started.
Cuphead Rootpack + Unused Radish miniboss

Cuphead Rootpack + Unused Radish miniboss

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