Pyramid Peril is a level in Inkwell Isle Two, where the fight with Djimmi The Great takes place. It is represented on the map by what looks like to be a pyramid attraction (judging by the fake plants). This is one of the three initially available levels on the isle along with Sugarland Shimmy and Carnival Kerfuffle.

Since this is a shmup level, the fight takes place high in the skies above a pyramid surrounded by a labyrinth, which constantly rotates in the background. Once you reach the second phase of the fight, the characters enter a sort of floating structure with rotating pillars with Djimmi's face and sawblades which move up and down.


Djimmi puffs in, goes from smoke to his normal form. He places a chest onto his carpet, and this is where RNG comes in. The chest can either reveal an Egyptian cat object, swords or a load of treasure/jewels.

  • A possibility is where an Egyptian cat object goes to whatever direction you were in when the chest opened, and splits into 2, revealing 3 Egyptian cats that track you, but move slowly. One of these can be parry-able, and multiple of these objects appear. So there is at least 1/2 parry opportunities here.
  • Another possibility is the swords. Four swords come out of the chest and either go to the left of the screen, the bottom or the top. One or two are parry-able here. They do go after you/the location you were at once they started launching. Another wave can come if you dont end this first phase fast enough.
  • The last possibility, is a bullet hell of treasure, you can get three parries here from pink diamonds. But they are hard to get, because there is a lot of bullet hell coming right at you.

Be warned that Djimmi will also shoot his skull out at one point, during all of these possibilities. While he does this once in Simple, be warned that he does this attack commonly on Expert.

Djimmi does a meditating pose, and disappears. There are now walls. You come across multiple totems, each having five parts. On each of the totems, there is a face on one of the pieces. The one which is a face is the one you have to shoot down. There is also a saw in between the totems, and it rotates around so you have to watch for that. After a while, he will go into his next phase.

A sacrophagus will come down, and inside is Djimmi, and what appears to be a galaxy. Djimmi is going up and down, so you have to focus on his head while its going up and down. There are also zombie/mummies that are quite largely sized but kill-able that fly across the screen. Djimmi's head will sometimes have 2 antenna's on his head, and he will shoot out two eyeballs that go up and down at fast speeds and clap into each other, a small window to shrink through and doesn't cover the entire screen.

Once this phase is defeated, the sacrophagus will close and sadly bob away.

Djimmi will be meditating on his carpet again, but a while later, the top of his head will turn into a light bulb, and he will do O.K. hand symbols, while smiling and his eyes wide open, then, he will grab a puppet with his hand that shows a resemblance to Cuphead and Mugman. And his turban, which works like Baroness Von Bon Bon's head, tracks your location but moves slower. The puppet will shoot 4 projectiles from his hand and the last one will be pink. His turban sometimes opens it's mouth and shoots 4 projectiles in many directions, but they are small. This is the knockout for Simple/Easy mode.

The puppet dies, and now it moves onto Djimmi again, but this time his eyes are glowing yellow, and its his large head to the side, and 3 rotating pyramids. The 3 rotating pyramids can open their eyes, and start shooting a laser in 4 directions, up, down, left, and right, whilst making a noise. Djimmi himself shoots out of the ruby in his turban, where 4 smoke-looking circle projectiles come from. After a while, the knockout happens and Djimmi coughs on his own pipe.



Normal Mode Expert Mode
Cuphead - Djimmi The Great in Pyramid Peril

Cuphead - Djimmi The Great in Pyramid Peril

Cuphead - Pyramid Peril (Expert Mode, S-Rank)

Cuphead - Pyramid Peril (Expert Mode, S-Rank)


Version Soundtrack
In-game soundtrack
Cuphead OST - Pyramid Peril In-Game Version

Cuphead OST - Pyramid Peril In-Game Version

Original soundtrack
Cuphead OST - Pyramid Peril -Music-

Cuphead OST - Pyramid Peril -Music-

Death screen sountrack
Cuphead - "Pyramid Peril" Game Over Screen Version

Cuphead - "Pyramid Peril" Game Over Screen Version


  • This is one of the few boss levels to not have alterations of any kind in the music.
  • The level stage shares the same name with a Spongebob Squarepants flash game.
  • This, assumingly, is the only boss battle that keeps the player from hiding behind the boss, as swords will fall on the player if they attempt to go behind Djimmi.
  • This fight has the most phases of any of the bosses, unless you count All Bets Are Off!