"I'm lean, mean and full of beta-carotene."
Psycarrot, Death screen


Psycarrot's Death Animation

Psycarrot is the boss of the final phase in Botanic Panic. As his name suggests, he is a large orange carrot with psychic abilities, referencing his attacks.

Psycarrot's main attack is to shoot psychic beams, consisting of 3 yellow ring-like projectiles, to where the players are at the moment the beam is shot. He does this three times at a time.

When not shooting beams, Psycarrot will summon homing carrots to distract the player(s) from shooting him and making it more difficult to avoid his beams. The number of homing carrots decreases in Simple difficulty. The carrots can be destroyed by shooting them a few times.


  • His death line mentions "beta-carotene," the substance that gives carrots their bright orange color.
    • His death line also has a typo at the apostrophe of the "I'm", results the apostrophe being an unknown character.
  • Psycarrot's three eyes are most likely based off of the myth that carrots will improve your eyesight. It may also be a reference to the "third eye" trope, a concept borrowed from Hindu religions regarding an invisible eye in the middle of forehead that allows for extrasensory perception.
  • When he is defeated, he cries and pulls on the leaves on top of his head.
  • His name is derived from Psychic and possibly Psychotic, judging by his facial expression as he rubs his head.
    • Also Psycarrot has a Psychic power to control the carrots to attack the players, which is any objects or projectiles that uses in his mind.
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