Porkrind's Emporium is the shop in Cuphead. The players can use the gold coins they find in Run n' Gun levels or in the overworld to buy upgrades such as different types of weapons or charms.


There are two types of item available in the shop: weapons and charms. Each item of the two types is sold at different price with Weapons at 4 coins and Charms at 3-5 coins.


  • Spread (available immediately)
  • Chaser (available immediately)
  • Roundabout (available immediately)
  • Lobber (appears after purchase of one of the initial 3)
  • Charge (requires purchase of 2 other weapons)


  • Smoke Bomb - Dash becomes a short-range teleport during which Cuphead / Mughead is invincible. (available immediately)
  • Heart - Players get an additional health point. Attack power -5%. (available immediately)
  • Coffee - Automatically fills the Super Meter. (requires purchase of 2 other charms)
  • Whetstone - Parries double as a damaging axe attack. (requires purchase of 3 other charms)
  • P. Sugar - Players can parry without jumping, they can simply run into the pink object. (available after purchase of one of the initial 2 charms)
  • Twin Heart - Players get two additional health points. Attack power -10%. (requires purchase of 4 other charms)

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