"Cling cling, clang clang, Your bell has rang!"
Pachinko, Death screen

Pachinko is a cut mini-boss in Cuphead that was originally going to appear on one of the board game spaces in King Dice's fight.


Pachinko is a pachinko win pocket that bares a resemblance to The Devil. With a slightly bigger nose and eyes and wheels under him, moving it around the bottom of the stage.


Before the battle begins, Pachinko turn on his ears, grows two things in the top of the head and his nose to fight Cuphead and Mugman.


Pachinko would move across the room, occasionally shooting a beam of fire through the hole of his head. It could easily be dodged by moving the opposite way as Pachinko, as it shortly disappears 3 seconds after it's fired. Balls would drop from the top of the arena, which would cause the platforms to tilt. As the boss took more damage, he would move faster as more balls started falling.

Pachinko's death animation would've consisted of his eye popping out of its socket, starting to explode while rocking back and forth.


  • One of the reasons Pachinko may of been scrapped was to not make All Bets Are Off unfair, or to so the spaces were accurate to the board King Dice uses.
  • If Pachinko WAS used, he might have been with the Light miniboss, and another unused boss.


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