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Murine Corps is a level in Inkwell Isle Three after beating Sally Stageplay. After beating her, a new route opens up leading to Phantom Express or you could go to a neighbourhood area where you'll find the level Murine Corps.

Murine Corps is the boss battle starring Werner Werman and should be the third or second to last boss you'll fight in Inkwell Isle Three leading to Inkwell Hell.



Useful Weapons

  • Charge is useful throughout the fight
  • Spread is useful for Phase 2 and Phase 3

Phase 1

The player is greeted by Werner Werman using a hand to ignite his cigar. Then he goes inside his can, with resemblance to Campbell Soup. Once he is in, the fight starts.

He can pull out a bomb shooter, which shoots out multiple bombs. Once they hit the floor, it splits into two projectiles on the floor, one goes to the left and one goes to the right. He can also pull out a catapult, which shoots out five projectiles, two are pink chewed up gums, which are parry-able, the rest are bolts, bottle caps and coins.

He also has a chance to charge across the screen, where he places two parry-able platforms that launch you up once you parry it so you can avoid Werner charging over to the other side. He goes into Phase 2 by going to the middle and blowing up his can.

Phase 2

Werner's can has exploded, revealing 2 levers, that he can use to go up and down, and flamethrowers. Now there is also 2 platforms and bottle caps to the side. Werner now goes up, and down. Whatever platform he is on, it will take a while but he will use his flamethrower. This seems like a test to see if your good at descending yet. The bottle caps to the side, spin to signal that they are going frontwards. Multiple at times too. They are on each side, 6 on each side. Anyway, once he is defeated, he will go crazy, his soup can stops working and the cat that has been stalking him throughout the fight, eats him. Him going crazy while his can goes up and down is the knockout in Simple Mode.

Phase 3

You fight the cat now, the cat has two moves. One, is where the cat scratches either most of the left, or most of the right, five wood pieces fall from the sky after the cat has done this. First goes from the left, and the fifth one appears on the right. The platforms fall one by one, one getting closer to the other side. The cat's second move is where the cat's mouth resembles that of a cell and a lock. Convict Rat Ghost come out of the cat's mouth, and are killable. They throw blue balls and pink balls at Cuphead. Obviously parry-able. Sooner or later, the cat is knocked out, his head plate falls off and reveals Werner was controlling him all along!


Cuphead OST - Murine Corps -Music-04:10

Cuphead OST - Murine Corps -Music-

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