"Good gosh, Cuphead, no!"
Mugman, begging to Cuphead not to roll the dice at the game's intro, Introduction

Mugman is a playable character and one of the two main protagonists of Cuphead. He is played by the second player, and can join or leave the game at any time.



Mugman is very similar in overall appearance to Cuphead, but has a blue color scheme to replace Cuphead's red, a shorter straw, and a bigger nose. His eyes are smaller and are complete ovals rather than that of his twin brother. His head is also slightly thinner compared to that of his red brother.


Mugman's personality is shown to be careful and less rash compared to his brother. This is shown when he begs Cuphead to not make the deal with The Devil that cost them their souls in the introduction.



  • In the beginning moments of a boss battle, Mugman will extend his straw and take a drink from the liquid in his head.
  • Just like how Cuphead seems to be based on Mickey Mouse, Mugman seems to be based on Oswald the Lucky rabbit, sharing a similar color scheme, Oswald is also called "Mickey's Brother".
  • His name may be a reference to the video game character Mega Man, as the pronunciation of his name as well as his color scheme are similar to Mega Man's. This is even further supported by the "Run N' Gun" stages, which was the base of Mega Man.
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