"Monkey see, monkey doom."
Mr. Chimes, Death screen

Mr. Chimes is a mini-boss that appears in the boss fight with King Dice when landing on Space 9. His stage is set inside a claw machine.



He is a cymbal-banging monkey toy with empty eye sockets. He wears a white hat with a red stripe on it, a turquoise sleeveless shirt, and red and white striped shorts. He also has cymbals strapped onto his hands.


Before the battle begins, Mr. Chimes is seen with a claw holding him. He will then reveal his face and then go back to his inactive state.


Mr. Chimes' battle has a unique aspect to it: the player must play a small game of Memory at the same time. The monkey will be inactive and carried around through out the battle until the players find a pair by parrying the cards to flip up:

  • If the players find a pair, Mr. Chimes will awaken and attack the players by banging its cymbal and sending golden music notes all six directions.
  • If the players turn over mismatching cards, he will start moving faster and faster to damage them.

There are total of 12 cards, with 6 pairs which counts up to 6 rounds to attack the monkey. With each pair found, it will increase the number of its attack. (e.g., if the third pair is found, it will attack three times).

When defeated, he will slam his head between his cymbals.


Very little is specifically known about Mr. Chimes' personality, although it is shown that he appears to enjoy making death related puns as evidenced by his death screen. as evidenced by his banging his own head, he seems to have self-destructive tendencies.



  • Mr. Chimes' death quote "Monkey see, monkey doom." is a play on words of the saying “Monkey see, monkey do,” which means when one, typically a child, will copy something they see another person doing, unaware of the consequences of this action. This death quote was used by another monkey character, Fling Kong from the Skylanders franchise (specifically Skylanders Trap Team).
  • Mr. Chimes is one of two characters to be given the title Mr. in his in-game name. The other character, Mr. Wheezy, can also be fought in All Bets Are Off. Interestingly, their boss, King Dice, refers to himself as Mr. King Dice in his song's lyrics.
  • Mr. Chimes represents the concept of the claw machine game which requires skill to get the prize without accidentally dropping it back in the pit from where the claw grabbed it. These claw machines typically have an element of random chance, much like casino games, in which the claw will secretly activate with no real grip strength and drop any hooked prize. Some casinos have these kinds of machines.
  • Mr. Chimes being one of the prizes from the pit is based off an actual toy known as Monkey with Cymbals. There are many variations of the toy, one of which has been featured in Toy Story 3. The original known Monkey with Cymbals was first created in 1950 however, 20 years after the time Cuphead is set.
  • Immediately when the fight starts all the cards are flipped, giving the player a few seconds to memorize a pair or two.
  • Mr. Chimes and Phear Lap are the only King Dice Shmup sub-bosses.
  • Chimes is also the only shmup sub-boss with no auto scrolling stage.
  • During the fight, there are two pairs of cards that have MDHR's name.
  • In the unused code, there is an asset that will travel between the cards and titled soulidle or bot, it has been scrapped early on as the art didn't past through the concept stage, they would spawn one at a time and keep coming out throughout the fight. it would appear in Expert mode. Hitpoints = 8
  • There is a glitch in this fight which allows the player to defeat him immediately without flipping all of the cards first.

Unused Content


Mr. Chimes- Unused "Bot" minion

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