"Buttered, smashed, and mashed. It's over for you."
Moe Tato, Death screen

Moe Tato is the first phase of the boss battle from Botanic Panic.

Moe Tato starts off the stage by shooting four projectiles. They look like dirt balls, except the fourth, which is a worm. It's also worthy to note that the last projectile can be parried. Moe Tato will not actively attempt to aim at Cuphead and Mugman, and will fire obstacles in an attempt to hurt them. During Regular difficulty, the speed of the projectiles will change over time.


  • Moe Tato is one of the first sample bosses of the game from several reasons:
    • The most simple and only pattern of attack.
    • It's also one of the early bosses fought in the actual game.
  • It was one of the few sample bosses playable in the 2015 demo.
  • Moe Tato is a pun of "Potato".
    • His first name (Moe) can be a reference to the actor Moe Howard, an American actor and comedian best known as the leader of Three Stooges, a comedic group that has starred in movies in the 1930s and also in the next three decades (1940s, 1950s and 1960s).
    • Like Moe Howard, Moe Tato is also a member of a trio (the Root Pack).
    • Unlike Moe Howard, Moe Tato is not the leader but rather (most likely) Psycarrot.
  • Potato

    Moe Tato being defeated.

    His death quote is a reference to many recipes involve potato including, as stated above: buttered potato, smashed potato and mashed potato.
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