For the boss character not to be confused with, see Jelly the Octopus.

The Jelly Bullies squad are enemies fought in the Sugarland Shimmy boss level of Inkwell Isle Two.


The Jelly Bully is simply drawn due to its tiny size. Each wields a sword, and wore white gloves and brown shoes. Most of them are green in color, and others are pink and can be parried.


In the first phase for the boss battle against Baroness Von Bon Bon in the Sugarland Shimmy level, the Jelly Bullies squad will first spawn once the second random subject is deployed. The Jelly Bully is armed with a sword and sometimes charges across the arena. In Expert mode, the Jelly Bullies will appear when the first subject is sent out.


They can only be defeated while crouching (if the Peashooter was equipped) or parrying the pink Jelly Bullies. It is actually recommended to equip the Chaser for defeating the Jelly Bullies much quicker without crouching.


  • There is an unused behavior for the Jelly Bullies Squad, they have a jumping animation and can jump in the fight to attack the players, it may even tied to the unused death screen with the baroness and Jelly Bullies Squad beside her, being an actual phase where the jelly beans coming out while baroness doing her attack.

Unused Content

Jumping jellybeans (unused behavior)

Jumping jellybeans (unused behavior)


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