5Hopus Pocus

Hopus Pocus twirling his wand.

"...and PRESTO!! The cup has completely disappeared."
Hopus Pocus, Death screen

Hopus Pocus is a white rabbit dressed in a blue tuxedo that appears in the boss fight for King Dice on the 5th space. He hides in a top hat and wields a magic wand.

He has two known attacks:

  • One attack involves him conjuring up a ring of rabbit skulls that revolves around the players before closing in to damage them. This attack is avoidable by escaping through the opening of the ring.
  • The second involves a row of card suits which appears either ascending from below or descending from above to damage the players. The rows are unavoidable unless players parry the pink heart suits to escape.


  • Hopus Pocus's name is a pun on "hocus pocus", a magical phrase which often said by magicians when they perform a trick, and the word hope, which all alludes to him being both a rabbit and a magician.
    • Hopus could also be reference to entertainment performed during gambling events. He may also be a reference to the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland.
  • His death line mentions making Cuphead disappear, which is a reference to the commonly used magic trick, as well as the fact that Cuphead is now dead.
  • Hopus Pocus's design is a reference to the prototype of Bugs Bunny that appears in the Merrie Melodies cartoon Prest-O Change-O.
  • At the beginning of the battle, King Dice pulls Hopus Pocus out of a hat. This references how magicians pull out rabbits from their hats, which is common in cartoons involving them.

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