"Nowhere to run, nowhere to go -- This forest is yer foe"
Forest Follies

Forest Follies is a platforming level in Cuphead, and is one of the few platforming levels in Timber Valley, which are based around it. It is, as the name suggests, based around a forest where several plants attack you. There seem to be two parts to this level, one being a more open fielded area, the other being a denser area.


  • Deadly Daisies - Orange-petaled flowers with green bodies that chase after the player until they die. Deadly Daisies will spawn in areas off screen, including from above. They will jump up small ledges to reach the player. They resemble small versions of Cagney Carnation.  
  • Murderous Mushrooms - Stationary mushrooms with red caps and yellow spots that fire either purple or pink spores. The pink ones can be parried. They somewhat resemble the famous Super Mushroom of the Mario franchise.
  • Bothersome Blueberries - Small creatures that resemble blueberries (and somewhat Goopy Le Grande) and run around on a platform, turning when they reach ledges. They will come back to life a little bit after being knocked out.
  • Aggravating Acorns - Acorns that fly across the top of the screen and fall on Cuphead and Mugman if they are underneath them (In a similar manner to the barrel from Captain Brineybeard's fight). They will start appearing when the player gets close to the Acorn Maker, and will stop appearing when it is destroyed.
  • Acorn Maker - A large, complicated machine that spits out Aggravating Acorns and blocks the player's path until destroyed. Defeating the Acorn Maker stops the Aggravating Acorns from spawning. It functions as a miniboss.
  • Toothy Terrors - Large flowers with black bodies with yellow spots. They also have rather large jaws, like a Venus flytrap. Toothy Terrors jump up from pits with their mouth open, snap their enormous jaws shut, and then fall back down in a rather similar manner to the Lava Bubbles from the Mario franchise. Their teeth and spotted design also make them resemble Piranha Plants, especially the ones from Super Mario World. They are completely invincible.
  • Spiky pink bulbs scattered around the environment that float upwards and downwards and can be parried. They are (presumably) not sentient and do not have an official name.
  • Fiery Flowers - Purple flowers that shoot little purple bulbs, which make a small explosion on the ground.


Forest Follies
CUPHEAD - Inkwell Isle One - Stage 1- “Forest Follies” Gameplay (1080p 60fps)04:24

CUPHEAD - Inkwell Isle One - Stage 1- “Forest Follies” Gameplay (1080p 60fps)

A complete walkthrough of Forest Follies with 1080p 60fps Quality.


  • This, the Cagney Carnation boss fight, and the Goopy Le Grande boss fight may be connected, as they are around the same area and have similar-looking foes.
  • The acorns are the only enemy that can be permanently killed (via destroying the acorn maker).
  • Until Gamescon 2017, this was the only platforming level to ever be shown.
  • This is probably the hardest Run ‘n’ Gun level to get a Pacifist grade in as you cannot get past the Acorn Maker without parrying a pink orb from one of the Murderous Mushrooms when it comes close to you and the Acorn Maker, and then dashing over the Acorn Maker.
  • The name "Forest Follies" is possibly a reference to Feline Follies, a 1919 cartoon starring Felix the Cat.

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