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Dramatic Fanatic is a level in Inkwell Isle Three, where the fight with Sally Stageplay takes place.

The boss stage is presented on the map by a theater and a blue ticket booth, the place you go to actually begin the fight. Once you enter the level, you are put on a stage in front of a row of seats. The setting changes throughout the battle, going to a wedding scene, a scene of a 2 story home, and for the last 2 stages, the sky.

The only difference is that in the very last stage, there are props from previous phases scattered on the floor.



  • Get used to dashing.

Useful Weapons

  • Chaser - Phase 4
  • Spread - Phase 3, Phase 1, and Phase 2

Phase 1

Coming soon.

Phase 2

Coming soon.

Phase 3


Phase 4

Coming soon.


Cuphead OST - Dramatic Fanatic -Music-04:58

Cuphead OST - Dramatic Fanatic -Music-

The music while fighting Sally Stageplay

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