The Demon Bat is an unused boss/design in Cuphead. The Demon Bat was a horned bat who would’ve been fought in a hell-like environment. He could’ve been one of the phases of The Devil, because in the code of Cuphead, there's no phase two for The Devil. The bat would rest in a coffin, and would open and free his bats, which you would need to dodge in order to succeed. 



  • The background for this unused boss battle seems to be based on the beginning background of the Silly Symphony cartoon Hell's Bells as well as the underworld seen in the later short, The Goddess of Spring.
  • This fight was cut before a simple or expert difficulty was made.
  • The Bat Bouncer and Lightning attack data can be found within the leftover data for the Bat's phase.
  • While there are no pictures of its actual phase 2 Pentagrams and Cross Toss attacks, they are mentioned within the leftover behavior data for this boss phase.
  • While there are no pictures of the phase 3 Wolf form, or its Wolf Fire and Wolf Soul attacks, they can be found within the leftover behavior data for this boss phase.
  • The Goblin Summon is the only attack that is shared between all the phases.
  • This boss has no official name, but it can be assumed that he is a demon bat by looking at his wings and head.
  • Despite being speculated as the missing "phase 2" in the the Devil's boss fight, the data for both fights are entirely seperated, though the bat is coded for 3 phases itself.
  • He was first seen in 2014, appearing in the E3 trailer, and a few screenshots, but never made another appearance after that.
  • Admission to Perdition would have been used for this boss.
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