This page is meant to lay down some ground rules for the wikia. If you think these rules are too rough, contact an admin. We have a strike system, 2 and you are out.

The Basics

  • Don't Spam.
  • Don't harass anyone, unless you make it obvious that it is a joke.
  • Assume that everyone is nice when you first see them; not everyone will screw things up.
  • Do not vandalize or spread false information.


Editing pages can be a good experience, but there are rules to follow.

  • Don't post unnecessary pages.
  • Don't rename pages unless it is absolutely necessary.
  • Do not Vandalize; IE: Deleting info or replacing it altogether.
  • Be as precise as possible.


Discussions is a thing that is used for Wikias for, well discussing. Follow these rules to not get in trouble.

  • No posting roleplays. We have a chat.
  • Do not post nonsense.
  • Do not spam.


Chat is a great way to instantly communicate from one person to another, or Roleplay with them. Follow the rules to keep chat a safe haven.

  • Do not spam.
  • Don't claim to be someone you are not.


These are rules for the higher of staff.

  • Do not unjustly ban someone for too long. indefinite bans should only be used when they really have to be.
  • Do not vandalize a page.
  • Do not abuse your power.
  • Follow all above rules.