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Clip Joint Calamity is a level in Inkwell Isle One, where the fight with Ribby and Croaks takes place. It is represented on the map by a docked boat. This level is unlocked after completing Botanic Panic.

The level is set inside the boat, which is revealed to be a night club populated by flies. The fight is watched by many fly spectators on the tables.



Platform Maneuvering

  • Projectile Dodging
  • Precise Parry-ing
  • Proper Aiming

Useful Weapons

  • Roundabout & Spread Shot (Phase 1)
  • Roundabout (Phase 2)
  • Anything with good range (Phase 3)

Phase 1

The fight starts off with Ribby and Croaks preparing for battle and taunting Cuphead and Mugman with a "come at me" gesture. The two will take turns in attacking. Croaks' attack has him shooting fireflies (which are literally on fire) out of his mouth and will follow the player slowly. They can be easily disposed of by shooting them. It is suggested that you shoot them as soon as they come out of Croaks' mouth.

Ribby's attack is much more tricky. He will spin his fists and fire boxing gloves that go in an ascending/descending pattern. Some projectiles are pink and can be parried. These pink fists are crucial to getting a perfect score as they are your only chance to parry in the whole fight. Duck under mid-air fists, jump over low ones and just stand under the high ones and be sure to parry them when possible.

After taking enough damage, Ribby will roll towards the player, initiating phase 2.

Phase 2

The two will now be attacking from both sides, so use the roundabout weapon to hit both of them. Croaks will spin around like a fan, blowing the player to the left, towards Ribby. On the other hand, Ribby will punch his fists together, creating a planet-like swirling energy ball that bounces around the stage up and down goin from left to right.

This phase is arguable the easiest one of the three. All you need to do is to keep being at the right side of the screen and going left quickly when the ball lands near you and go back again.

After attacking enough, Ribby will roll into Croaks' mouth, turning both into a slot machine and commencing phase 3, the final phase. On simple mode, the two will be defeated on this phase, leaving Ribby crying and Croaks pounding his fist on the ground.

Phase 3

The brothers have now turned into a slot machine, and in order to do damage, you must avoid the coins being spat out and parry the pink fist when it comes down. Then, one of three attacks will initiate, based on luck.

The snake attack is the easiest to avoid of the three, as it is just normal moving platforms that will speed up over time.

The tiger attack is one of the three attacks, and involves platforms moving similarly to the snake attack, but there are also balls you must avoid by jumping through.

The bull attack involves the same platforms, but they are hovering just above the ground with blue flames that later will damage Cuphead if not in the right position. The flame's direction is correlated with where it will shoot out from. For example, if the flame is aiming down, then Cuphead must jump up and over to avoid the attack.


Cuphead - Clip Joint Calamity - Music03:52

Cuphead - Clip Joint Calamity - Music

The OST for Clip Joint Calamity

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