Inkwell Isle Two is the second overworld in Cuphead. It's themed around a carnival. It comes after Inkwell Isle One and upon completing it will give you access to Inkwell Isle Three.

Level Name Preview Description
Platforming levels
Funfair Fever
Cuphead- Getting Every Coin in Funfair Fever

Cuphead- Getting Every Coin in Funfair Fever

Inkwell Isle Two's first of two platform levels.
Funhouse Frazzle
Cuphead Funhouse Frazzle Walkthrough

Cuphead Funhouse Frazzle Walkthrough

Inkwell Isle Two's second platforming level
Demo level(s)
Coin-Op-Bop Cuphead-arcade Inkwell Isle Two's unused, demo platforming level
Boss levels
Aviary Action! Cuphead A boss level where Wally Warbles is fought.
Fiery Frolic Cuphead-screenshot-dragon A boss level where Grim Matchstick is fought.
Carnival Kerfuffle Beppi The Clown A boss level where Beppi the Clown is fought.
Sugarland Shimmy Baroness Von Bon Bon A boss level where Baroness Von Bon Bon is fought.
Pyramid Peril Swords A boss level where Djimmi The Great is fought.

Funfair Fever:

  • Magician
  • Trampoline
  • Ball clowns
  • Balloons
  • Robot Monkeys
  • Cannons
  • Shooting range
  • Pretzel
  • Hot dog

Funhouse Frazzle:

  • Jacks in the box
  • Jacks
  • Stars
  • Tiny Rockets
  • Toy Cars
  • Toy Ducks & Ducklings
  • Tubas
  • Two-Mouthed Walls

After you defeat Beppi The Clown, you can find it in one of the cabins to the right of Funhouse Frazzle.