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    In September 29, 2017.

    One Cup changed The World.

    And for 3 Months (And 12 Days).

    He's Walloped Countless Bosses.

    But Now...

    As we move forward...

    To Discover what made Cuphead a Gaming Icon.

    We're Going Back to the 1930's.

    XXK1rbyF4nB0y69Xx and SIIVA proudly presents...

    With association with...

    Mr Rental: Keeping Life Simple


    High Quality Headquarters

    This is where it begins.

    CUPHEAD MANIA: DON'T DEAL WITH THE VOICE INSIDE YOUR HEAD!: An Adventure inspred by Cuphead and SiivaGunner!

    A Grand New Adventure: The Voice Inside Your Head has wrecked havoc in Inkwell Isle, only Cuphead can stop him! But not alone!

    Re-Imagined Classics: Inspired b…

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  • Undertalefan11

    ok, so when I found out about Cuphead I thought I would hate it, I LOVE it

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  • Maxewell124

    They deleted all prototype levels except for Card's

    0 = StudioMDHR intro screen

    1 = Press start screen

    2 = Start menu

    3 = Inkwell Isle One

    4 = Inkwell Isle Two

    5 = Inkwell Isle Three

    6 = Inkwell Hell

    7 = The Debug Menu

    8 = Tutorial

    9 = Captain Brineybeard's boss battle

    10 = Cagney's boss battle

    11 = Phantom Express' boss battle

    12 = The Rot Pack's boss battle

    13 = Ribby & Croaks boss battle

    14 = Rumor Honeybottoms' boss battle

    15 = Werner Werman's boss battle

    16 = Grim Matchstick's boss battle

    17 = Wally Warbles' boss battle

    18 = Cala Maria's boss battle

    19 = Hilda Berg's boss battle

    20 = Goopy le Grande boss battle

    21 = Baroness von Bon Bon's boss battle

    22 = Dr. Kahl's Robot's boss battle

    23 = Beppi The Clown's boss battle

    24 = Sally Stageplay's boss battle

    25 = …

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  • Maxewell124

    Ships poll

    December 31, 2017 by Maxewell124
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  • Maxewell124

    Unofficial names poll

    December 29, 2017 by Maxewell124
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  • Maxewell124

    My project

    December 23, 2017 by Maxewell124

    Don't worry, this is my project. It'll require me to upload a picture of every boss' phase and also when the player parries something, even attacks. You can use any of the pictures provided.

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  • TerminatorEggggg8390

    Today I think I will do a poll of the images, I think some images need replacement, that is why I added this poll.

    I'm thinking of adding a better image to this photo, here is my sprite & Teetheyhatty's sprite. My sprite lacks shadows near Wally's face, it was a bit hard to remove those.

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  • TerminatorEggggg8390

    I made this blog because I wanted to add sprites for other characters like mini bosses and enemies, so I made those:

    Sorry if those are few sprites, but at least I made them. I'm planning a poll of images on other blog.

    • The Devil's Goat Attack Sprite was the hardest out of his attack sprites.
    • The Devil's Spider Attack Sprite was the easiest out of his attack sprites.
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  • Trashykaya

    cala maria fan art

    December 21, 2017 by Trashykaya

    i spent 3 days making this and i'm actually proud of it what

    i had this concept of cala maria conducting her sneks as if they were an orchestra because of that snek that plays violin when you beat her

    what do y'all have to say about it

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  • Jon1233444


    December 5, 2017 by Jon1233444
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  • TerminatorEggggg8390

    Hi guys, I made this blog for some ideas of bosses for a possible or future sequel to Cuphead, comment your own bosses on comments, you can add images of your OC bosses or ideas. Here are mine:

    • Goopy l'âme (French Meaning: Goopy the Soul): The return of Goopy Le Grande, this time as a soul, coming back for revenge of the brothers to leave him being crushed by his destroyed tombstone. When defeated, Goopy comes back to life, and becomes friends with the mug brothers. In his first phase, he attacks like Goopy, but now he can spit out ghostly blueberries. In his second phase, he transforms in the forms of Goopy's original form. In his third phase, he becomes a giant ghost, taking the right half of the screen.
    • Demon Bat (also known as M. Fang): A c…
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  • Evilmaly

    the rules are 1. No different characters, just chalice. 2. do what she says in comments (only for comments) 3. do where she is. here is what i know. 1. She is really kind. 2. She maybe is in Mauoseleums. last one 3. she acts like a ghost!! like a straw maybe is in her head.

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  • Dr.MemeBoss

    Cuphead Phobias

    November 23, 2017 by Dr.MemeBoss

    Cuphephobia-Fear of Cuphead or the game

    Mugmaphobia-Fear of Mugman

    Rootpaphobia-Fear of the Root Pack

    Moephobia-Fear of Moe Tato

    Weepaphobia-Fear of Weepy

    Psycarophobia-Fear of Psycarrot

    Grandephobia-Fear of Goopy Le Grande

    Hildaphobia-Fear of Hilda Berg

    Ribbyphobia/Croaksaphobia-Fear of Ribby and Croaks

    Cangephobia-Fear of Cagney Carnation

    Beppaphobia-Fear of Beppi the Clown

    Djimmaphobia-Fear of Djimmi the Great

    Barovonbonbonophobia-Fear of Baroness Von Bon Bon

    Grimatchaphobia-Fear of Grim Matchstick  

    Wallywarbléphobia-Fear of Wally Warbles

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  • Bone Apetit

    Welp, today, i'm gonna do some random backstories for the bosses in Cuphead

    And by backstories, i mean, why are they part of the debt? Let'sa find out!

    They used to be some ordinary vegetables you always see in every farms, but the reason why their farmer didn't appear is because his is part of the debt.

    However, the farmer failed to pay the debt from the devil, and he disappeared without a trace, so that their debt doesn't go to waste, the devil decided to make the root pack come to life. Then give them personalities and powers. Because, well, thats what every vegetables want. But they didn't pay their debt too. Instead of making them have the same fate like the farmer, the devil would wait for someone to deal with them.

    Cagney Carnation, the…

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  • CookiesAndChicken

    A bit late but.....

    November 19, 2017 by CookiesAndChicken

    Cuphead has offically won the awards of

    • Xbox Game of the Year
    • Best Visual Design

    A big congratulations to Studio MDHR!

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  • BeingAwesom

    Smash Mouth by All Star

    November 15, 2017 by BeingAwesom

    Hello how's it going

    Want some high quality memes?

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  • XXK1rbyF4nB0y69Xx

    Cuphead Meme-Sauce

    November 12, 2017 by XXK1rbyF4nB0y69Xx

    Captain Brineybeard


    You Are a Pirate!


    Cuphead, Mugman, Gabe Newell, The Steam Logo, Phantom Express, RED Demoman, BLU Soldier, Tracer, Cala Maria and Robo-Heavy

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  • FireStavesCauseBlizzards

    So I've been looking through the extracted assets of Cuphead and I thought "Hmmm, why not go through the audio section?". So I decided to listen to Carnival Kerfuffle and it sounded so different. I just wanna know why it was changed in the released OST.

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  • GoodyGamer

    So, the Phantom Express is a pretty difficult boss, isn't it? Countless deaths have been inflicted by it, so I'm here to stop it.

    So here's the equipment you'll need:

    Weapon 1: Roundabout | Weapon 2: Charge Shot | Charm: Smoke Dash (because why not?) | Super Art: Energy Beam

    So now, here's how to kill the boss!

    Phase 1

    This phase is the Pale Man. For Phase 1, you only need to do this: Turn to the left side, jump, and spam Roundabout, stopping only to parry the pink soaps. You will hit virtually all the eyes and kill the first phase before you take damage.

    Phase 2

    This phase is a skeleton with two hands, which reminds me of Terraria's Skeletron. Don't focus on moving the cart. You don't have to be standing in the right place to dodge. Just use Ene…

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  • PupCatDog

    Create your own cuphead boss in the comments! Here are the rules: NO Mary Sues/Gary stus NO disgusting ocs, AKA Characters with huge boobs or something. Please don't insult others ocs That's all the rules

    Oh, one more thing, PLEASE rates people's bosses, like a 10/10 or something

    Here is mine: Dootsie is a dingo who has golden fur and blue eyes, she has a white bow tie and a purple tutu on her body along with black sleeves on her front legs, she has a bushy tail with an orange tip at the top.

    Dootsie sold her soul to become the cutest coyote in the desert, unfortunately, she only became half as cute as she even expected (I know this is short, but i couldn't think of any, also I edited it because I thought it was CRINGE)

    Also this is on a pl…

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  • Tacocat247







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  • Lilike77

    bonzi blog XD

    November 10, 2017 by Lilike77

    Bonzi: hjjjfgr Me: ,,,

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  • WikiSurf

    Hello. I thought I might ask an interesting question for the Cuphead community:

    "If you could choose who is your most favourite out of the female bosses of Cuphead, who would it be and why?"

    So post here who you favourite Cuphead girl is and any reason why they are your fav.

    Btw, my personal fav is Baroness Von Bon Bon, because I think she's the prettiest out of all of them!

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  • TerminatorEggggg8390

    Boss Rankings

    November 5, 2017 by TerminatorEggggg8390

    Here are the boss rankings, note that you might not prefer my opinion on some characters, but please, respect it. As I have saw other people having their favorite characters, well, I wanted to do something different with my favorite & least likeable characters. It also includes the Casino bosses. Here are my opinions:

    Place Name Image Opinion
    (Winner) Werner Werman
    Werner has shades of brown, one of my favorite colors on my list, and I also like his design, including the Cat's. So he becomes the Winner of my character opinion list.
    (Runner-Up) Wally Warbles
    The runner-up is here, I also like his design & used to be Number #1, but I liked Werner more than him.
    (Finalist) Grim Matchstick
    Should there be a name for 3rd place? W…

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  • Gamegladiator123

    What are the ways of becoming staff? Is it by uploading a lot, or making a lot of edits, or is it limited?

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  • Tacocat247

    Fan Bosses for Cuphead

    October 28, 2017 by Tacocat247

    If anyone can make art, please make art. Also, ill elabortate on the bosses later.

    Wally Warbles' son, but in a fully fleshed out battle.

    A boss that takes place in an atom collider.

    A boss based off a scientist.

    A boss based off of a cyborg. Fun Fact: Only Boss with Dubstep theme.

    A boss based off of a black hole

    4 bosses that work together.

    A boss based off of the Arecibo answer.

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    Bosses or phases with an asterisk (*) is a shmup boss.

    Note: This list does NOT include the phases and sub-bosses of TSRITW, RubRub, Four, and TSRITW IRL because there are too many. Instead, scroll all the way down to the bottom of the list. The files are over there.

    Boss Name Level Reference     Death Quote         Difficulty

    Spudow Starch Wars Plants vs Zombies Heroes

    "I put the OW

    in SPUDOW."

    Onion Rings Starch Wars Plants vs Zombies Heroes

    "I'm so powerful

    I make you cry."

    Beta-Carrotina Starch Wars Plants vs Zombies Heroes "Looks like I found the ROOT of the problem." Normal
    Starch-Lord Starch Wars Plants vs Zombies Heroes "I'm great at ROOTING for the Plants." Normal
    Headstone Carver Grave Danger Plants vs Zombies Heroes "Looks like you…

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    Welcome to I Wanna be the Cuphead: Just Deal with the Dancing Devil!

    This is like Cuphead, but combined with IWBTG and BATIM, with a whole lot of crossovers!

    Also, RaG levels aren't available for now.

    Levels marked with an asterisk (*) are shmup bosses.


    The Kid

    Bendy (can be unlocked by beating him in The Dancing Devil)

    Mugman (can be unlocked by completing Normal Mode)

    BubBub (can be bought from the Store of Secrets)

    Nessy (can be bought from the Store of Secrets)

    Four (can be unlocked by beating him in The Battle for BFDI)

    TSRI2 (can be unlocked by defeating TSRITW IRL)

    Starting Cutscene

    The Root Pack in Botanic Panic

    Goopy la Grande in Ruse of an Ooze

    Ribby and Croaks in Clip Joint Calamity

    Cagney Carnation in Floral Fury

    Hilda Berg in Threatenin' Zeppelin*

    Bendy in The…

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  • HackerMaster21

    I'm new here

    October 23, 2017 by HackerMaster21

    Hello, cuphead is my new fav game of all time. I am currently a admin on the FNaF Sister Location wiki and I'm looking forward to helping this wiki

    Have a good day!

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  • GrimMatchStick

    D-d-d-d-does anyone know why im a hydra? I just wanted to know i never knew i was until i just suddenly blacked out

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  • Murder the Clown

    My Art

    October 16, 2017 by Murder the Clown

    Here's a drawing I made for King Dice. I used a image from this wiki as a reference. I hope you like it!

    What do you think? Leave your opinion in the comments down below! Thanks!

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  • Naomi Walker

    Cuphead - Billy West

    Mugman - Scott Menville

    Elder Kettle - Jeff Bennett

    Legendary Chalice - Mae Whitman

    The Devil - Clancy Brown

    King Dice - Rob Paulsen

    Psycarrot - Jeff Bennett

    Moe Tato - Patton Oswalt

    Weepy - Dee Bradley Baker

    Goopy Le Grande - Rob Paulsen

    Hilda Berg - Jennifer Hale

    Cagney Carnation - Grey Griffin (Unfortunately, he is a male character with a feminine voice)

    Baroness Von Bon Bon - Kimberly Brooks

    Ribby - Patrick Warburton

    Croaks - Sean Astin

    Rumor Honeybottoms - Candi Milo

    Beppi the Clown - "Weird Al" Yankovic

    Wally Warbles - Rob Paulsen

    Grim Matchstick - Jess Harnell

    Cala Maria - Hynden Walch

    Dr. Kahl's Robot - Nolan North

    Dr. Kahl - Tom Kenny

    Werner Werman - Rob Paulsen

    Djimmi the Great - Jim Cummings

    Sally Stageplay - Grey Griffin

    Captain Br…

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  • Mr Tuxedo

    Should we add tips to each boss page?

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  • PyroGothNerd

    Sample idea for using a gallery to create a character directory with working links):

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  • MrYokaiAndWatch902

    As Cuphead nears the start of the Saga, WE GET A CUPHEAD REVIEW FROM FANDOM. I thought it was another "Spammy 'Please Go To This Wiki' Page" BUT IT'S AN INTERVIEW! We're getting near to Studio MDHR's game!


    We want this to happen SO BADLY!



    See ya next time, pals.

    You just triggered BEPPI!

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  • MrYokaiAndWatch902


    September 19, 2017 by MrYokaiAndWatch902


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  • MrYokaiAndWatch902

    Enemy ideas

    September 25, 2016 by MrYokaiAndWatch902

    Icebert - Iceberg like enemies

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