"I can...see...into the future. You...will be...counting worms."
Blind Specter, Death screen

The Blind Specter is the first phase of the Phantom Express in Railroad Wrath. He is a ghost with one eye socket and eyes in the holes of his palms.


The Blind Specter pops out the back of the train and taunts the player(s) before the battle begins.

Personality: The Blind Specter seems to be trying to scare Cuphead and Mugman, as seen in intro. He is also very upset when he is defeated. He seems to be slow at talking as seen in the death quote as well.


The Blind Specter bangs his palms on the ground which makes eyes pop out and damage the player(s). The eyes can be destroyed. In Regular or Expert difficulty, a flying pumpkin appears to drop a pink ingot on the platform edges to move it closer to him; the ingot can be parried.

After enough damage is taken, he screams in pain and retreats in the train.


  • The Blind Specter's death screen quote is a reference to when you get buried and worms crawl through your body.
  • The Blind Specter may be based off the Tenome.
  • He is the only passenger of the Phantom Express that appears in the good ending.
  • The Blind Specter is inspired by a ghost in the grave from Swing You Sinners.
  • There is a bug where the eyes will disappear.
  • The design of the Blind Specter may also be a nod to Pan's Labyrinth's "Pale Man"
  • His name is not canon, as none of the characters on the Phantom Express are named.
  • The Blind Specter is the only Phantom Express character not to be relevant to trains.
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