Beppi The Clown

Beppi's second phase

Beppi is a boss fought in
Beppi Phase 1

the Carniville world. He is a playable boss in the Pax 2017 version but only one person has played it while recording. all we know about his first phase is that he drives around the stage in a bumper car because the people playing died so quickly. so far we only have a image of what seems to be his second phase were he jumps onto a merry go round horse that shoots horseshoes at the player

Final PhaseEdit

We currently have no idea what attacks Beppi has in store for his final phase but it might have something to do with the pipes spouting out in the background.

However, one image shows him using a ballon animal attack.

Beppi Final Phase

Beppi's final phase


  • Beppi was the 3rd Carniville boss to be revealed right before Baroness Von Bon Bon
  • Beppi seems to turn into a Balloon for his final phase.
  • His death quote is "Scared of clowns are we?"

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