A list of Achievements found on Cuphead.

Normal Achievements

TakingNames Taking NamesDefeat a boss
WalkPark A Walk in the ParkDefeat every boss in Inkwell Isle I
DayFair A Day at the FairDefeat every boss in Inkwell Isle II
TripDowntown A Trip DowntownDefeat every boss in Inkwell Isle III
CasinoNight Casino NightComplete the casinoYou have to defeat all of King Dice's minions.
PutOnShow Put on a ShowGet an S-RankYou can only obtain a S-Rank on Expert.
Sheriff SheriffObtain an A-Rank or higher on all bosses in Inkwell Isle I
Boss BossObtain an A-Rank or higher on all bosses in Inkwell Isle II
Mayor MayorObtain an A-Rank or higher on all bosses in Inkwell Isle III
King KingObtain an A-Rank or higher on all bosses in Inkwell Hell
MagicianLord Magician LordObtain all Super ArtsFree the Legendary Chalice in all three Mausoleums.
ButterEggMan Butter-and-Egg ManBuy everything in Porkrind's EmporiumPurchase all of the items in the shop. You'll need to collect all the coins in the game to do so.
CoffersFull Coffers FullGet every coin in all of the levelsThe coins handed out by NPCs don't count.
ParryPersistance Parry PersistenceComplete 20 parries
ParryPerformance Parry PerformanceComplete 100 parries
BeatDevil Beat the Devil at His Own GameComplete the game on ExpertThis involves beating every single boss on Expert, no matter the rank you obtain.
PerfectRun Perfect RunComplete a level without getting hit
PorcelainPower Porcelain PowerDefeat a boss with a Super ArtThis achievement is available even on Simple mode.
CeramicStrike Ceramic StrikeDefeat a boss with an Extra Special moveThis achievement is available even on Simple mode.
BouncingBall Bouncing BallParry five times before hitting the groundCan be done easily on the third Mausoleum.
SoulsSaved Souls SavedComplete the game on Normal

Secret Achievements

SwingYouSinner Swing You SinnerDefeat the Devil
HighRoller High RollerGet every coin in the gameYou also have to get the coins handed out by the NPCs and the ones lying about in the overworld.

There are 40 coins in total, just enough to buy every item in Porkrind's Emporium.

Pacifist PacifistComplete all levels without killing an enemyParried enemies do not count here.
RollingSixes Rolling SixesDefeat King Dice without taking a hitThe fights against king Dice's minions don't count towards this achievement.
BravoZulu Bravo Zulu P-26Defeat a boss using only the mini-plane bullets
CuttingCorners Cutting CornersFind a shortcutThere are three shortcuts in the game: on Inkwell Isle I below the bridge to the right of Ruse of an Ooze, on Inkwell Isle II behind Aviary Action and Fiery Frolic and on Inkwell Isle III behind Junkyard Jive.
SellingOut Selling OutGive in to the DevilJust hand the contracts to the Devil when he asks for it. You'll get the bad ending.


  • The achievement "Butter-and-Egg Man" is an idiom referring to "a prosperous businessman from a small town or a farmer who spends his money ostentatiously on visits to a big city", a reference to Cuphead and Mugman coming from Inkwell Isle One which mainly made up of grasslands and forests. This achievement's may also be a reference to a flower, Linaria vulgaris. It may also be a reference to Dr. Eggman, Sonic the Hedgehog's main antagonist.
  • The "Casino Night" achievement is a reference to the zone of the same name that appears in Sonic the Hedgehog 2.
  • The "Magician Lord" achievement is a reference to the Arcade game of same name by SNK.
  • The "Swing You Sinner" achievement is a reference to "Swing You Sinners!", a 1930 Fleischer film that gets referenced a lot in this game.
  • The Bravo Zulu part of "Bravo Zulu P-26" is a reference to nautical signs, with this specific combination of nautical flags meaning "Well Done". The P-26 part refers to the Boeing P-26 Peashooter, one of the first American all-metal production fighter aircraft and the first pursuit monoplane to enter squadron service with the United States Army Air Corps.

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